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Dear Y,

I am currently involved in doing research along similar lines as you inquired about
back in 2005 and am wondering if there's anything you might be able to share with
me about your research (did you write/publish an article?). Are there any individuals
you could help me get in touch with (including the two responders to your question)?

I recently placed the following request into the Many Voices Newsletter:


RESEARCH REQUEST for Survivors and Therapists, to Share Experiential Information

I need your help in gathering personal stories describing:

(1) the differing medical/physical aspects of your “alters/parts/selves”(or those of clients) and (2) your experience of what happens when a shift takes place from an alter with a particular affliction to an alter without that particular affliction.

Examples may include but are not limited to Allergies, Addictions, Eyesight, Pain, Medications, Illness etc. Confidentiality Guaranteed.

For more info or to share your experience PLEASE contact Mandy Lynch.
(now integrated 12 years) at my e-mail address
MV will also forward your reply to Mandy, if you prefer to reply to LynnW

Surface mail may be sent C/O Many Voices, PO Box 2639, Cincinnati, OH 45201-2639
We will forward mail as requested

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you might have.


Mandy Lynch


Hi Y,

I experienced what you are speaking about- different alters with different medical conditions, and more.
I had one small child personality that couldn't speak. I believe that was due to a traumatic event, and then continuing abuse. I had some adult personalities that could tolerate some medication. But if children personalities happened out, it would be too much medication for them. It was tricky for Dr.'s to medicate me.
One time, I had a broken foot, and felt extreme pain at times, but other times, it didn't bother me at all. Which is why it took me quite awhile before I went to the Dr.'s. When I was in labor with my child, alot of the time, I felt no pain having contractions. The nurses were asking if I felt different contractions, and I usually didn't. But when I did, I really did feel them.

I know the whole thing of different personalities reacting in different ways has been explained to me many times, but I've always found it baffling. Another thing I've experienced, is that I usually have what is described to me as a math learning disability. I struggle with anything above a 5th grade level math, although my grades in everything else were always very good. Several years ago, I went to apply at a small specialty college. The guy in charge tried getting me to take classes to be an accountant. I told him no, but he insisted I take the test for it. So, I went along with it, took the test, and passed with flying colors. Evey now and then I'd see some math problem that would normally overwhelm me, but I would just know the answer without figuring it out.
That was the most confusing thing I experienced in the whole thing of personalities being different. Hope this helps.

Take care.
Debbie E.


Hello Y,
I have an Alter that is deaf and unable to speak.

He is a safe place to go. When we can no longer take the chatter
inside our mind or "noise" from the outside world, we quietly slip into
Martin where we can neither hear nor speak.

He has been a good place for all of us to find peace of mind and
solitude. Becoming Martin also means that we are setting some
boundaries around ourselves. Martin creates a space where few others
can enter.

Wishing you the best.