Send Your Replies to Another Anonymous, who wants suggestions to handle mind control program triggers and fear


Dear Anonymous,

I know how frightening mind control issues can be when you're trying to heal and get beyond the forces that have so influenced your life.
When I first started remembering the events of my mind controlled past, I was absolutely terrified of being triggered into doing something I didn't want to do. One of the first things I did to alleviate this fear was to use my own "mind control" techniques on myself. I held an important meeting with all my inner folks to instruct them that none of us was to ever follow any directions from anyone other than me and that we would never do anything that would cause me or anyone else any harm. I also worked to reassure these inner parts that we were no longer in danger and that it was safe to let the forces from our pasrt dissolve and fade away.

Although I did later enroll in a hypnosis certification course to better understand the way the subconscious mind works, the "self hypnosis" I did to release myself from any ties to my past were always simple conversations I'd have with my inner folks, times when I would work with these parts to let them know how much I wanted all of us to heal and to lead a full, happy life, a life of my choosing and noone else's. It's much like doing affirmations but in a somewhat deeper sense. I sincerely wish you all the best in your efforts to overcome the difficulties of your past and to develop a true sense of integration and safety within yourself.




Hi Anonymous,

I have been hesitant in writing you because I am, at present, dealing with the exact same issue of Mind Control.
I do NOT have the answer for you but I wanted you to know you are not alone in this. I, too, have been integrated for some time now. But this "Mind Control" is something I just cannot get out of...yet. I have accomplished many therapy goals, and I believe that I will eventually conquer this as well. As I think you will, too.

My therapist is, at present, trying to get me to understand that the perpetrators' use of Mind Control was simply another tactic to try to control me. I survived their physical, sexual, emotional abuse...and when they found I still did not conform to them,they resorted to Mind Control. I will not go into their specific tactics--as that would be too triggering. But my therapist is right. Mind Control is just another form of abuse. And if I conquered the others, I should be able to conquer this as well.
I hope--for you and for me--that we can and will survive this. We are, after all, SURVIVORS.

You are not alone in this.
I wish you strength and courage on your healing journey.

Jan T.


Hi, Another Anonymous,

I have now tried to hold 'meetings' with my differing characters. 'Sam' is our mediator (and mother type) who is very tolerant and patient.

I have named the ones I am aware of ( and keep having surprises) but I find in recording the conversation, there is growing understanding between them (as well as the odd outburst!)...and as each part is heard and supported, my Therapist said possibly my sleeping will improve.

Memories are held by different parts, and surprisingly the parts I have been generally scared of calm down when they are heard and given the right to speak.

I hope this helps. I have been writing up to 8 pages a day of dialogue!

Sarah R.


Dear Another Anonymous,

To my knowledge, I have not experienced mind control programming, so I'm personally no use on that subject. However, I am sure a number of MV readers have had this type of perpetration. I hope they will respond (no triggering-type responses tho, please!)

On the other hand, I've definitely dealt with fear and confusion about integration on a personal level. I've harped on this over & over, so maybe this isn't a helpful "answer" - but for me, when I am freaked out about anything, or see that I'm procrastinating, or doing something not in my best interest, I sit down with a journal and write it all out. I ask myself (or selves) questions--"What is going on? What is bothering you? I'm sorry you're not feeling can I help?" Typically, I get very nasty answers from the inside, trying to make me disgusted or angry or just push the book away in frustration. But I refuse. I continue to "talk" (ie, write) politely, repeating the words the angry or perpetrating side(s) of myself may have just used on me. "You say I am a blank-blank-blank. I'm sorry you feel that way, because I like you and want to understand you better. Please tell me more." Again, I may be bombarded with blasphemy. But I (who am running this 'system' or what-you-may-call-it) refuse to be pulled into an argument. I just stay calm and polite.

Sometimes I might ask the 'other(s)' to draw a picture of how they feel. (This is likely to be a picture we cannot use in MANY VOICES because of its graphic nature...but I'm sure your therapist would like to see it.) And I keep doing this-sometimes for hours-until some kind of resolution takes place.

Usually, the inside fear-bearers will let their barriers open just a peek, and say a bit of the truth. You will know in your gut if this is real or imaginary (in my layperson's opinion, that is.) And then, later, share all this information with a real professional therapist who understands what you are dealing with.

My 2cnts. I certainly hope others with far more experience than I in these matters, will share their helpful information!

Best regards,
Lynn W.