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Dear Daisy,

During this time of financial limbo may I suggest an organization called Recovery. Check out its web site Recovery may not address your specific therapy needs but it provides a good support system psychologically and socially and it is free.



For Daisy

For several weeks I have heard my inner voices complicate my head with the wants and not wants of continuing therapy once a week. My system is always in conflict and that is why I have been in therapy so long to begin with.....acceptance, denial, need, don't need, too much money, I am worth it....and on and on. I have learned one thing for sure in the past 9 years of be as honest as I can with me and my therapist.......It took me a few weeks to broach the topic with all the fears you have written about. Her response was that is wonderful. We can start with every other week beginning next week if you would like. My panic set in with the fear of separation and my dependency on our visits. I have chosen to gradually get my system adjusted and I know in my heart that soon "we" will be fine on a different schedule. What I am also doing is planning on attending "The Artist's Way" work shop and that will be another way to fill the void so my dependency on my therapists can be worked out. Listen to yourself always and trust your gut and all those in it ... (a pun. please don't take offense)....They are your allies, your buddies, your friends and will take you through everything.
the best of luck with your decision,



Funny I should come across your questions. I just told my psychiatrist today I wanted to slow down in therapy. I told my therapist last week. The response from both of them was very positive. We discussed my reasons (financial and need to organize personal life) and we all agreed that this was a good decision. None of my parts inside objected and things are calm. My therapist specifically asked about that, because often when I want to make a change in therapy some part will come screaming in my head panicking. How did I know that this was the right thing to do? Well, I felt everyone inside was at a safe place to slow down for a while. No part has any pressing issues. Some are sad and definitely have work to be done, but it is not all consuming for any of us. Also there has been a shift in our thinking that makes us want to focus on our life in the present. We need to give our job and kids and house and self more time. Also, we are very close to spending more than we make each month. We decided to go to therapy every other week and see our p-doc once per month. That saves us several hundred dollars per month and will allow us to get our outside kids music lessons. Maybe you could try tapering off? My biggest indicator that I am ready to do this, is that I am very calm and relaxed about it. Hope this helps in some way.




For the many of us who are diagnosed with "mental illness", our recovery is life long. Not trusting, feeling manipulated,
and that all so present feeling of two steps forward and "three" back is only validated by others who are charging ahead with our lives.

There are many groups on line where you can share your daily struggle amongst others who will openly share their own experiences with you. You are welcome to join my own community which is listed in resources here at Many Voices Press. From there are also a list of other communities where you may be able to find a home in which to feel welcomed in. There you will find so many answers to the many questions we struggle with each day and the validations that enable you to move forward. We don't preach, and we surely never judge you for the directions that your life has taken. You'll move forward when you can and find a sensitive ear when you can't.

Lady J