Send Your Replies to Cynthia

Hi Cynthia,


My mother wasn't DID, but I lost the love of my daughter because I was.  She is in therapy because she said I did terrible things emotionally to her.  I was incorporated 5 years ago and she refuses to even see me.  She won't discuss DID because she doesn't really believe in DID.  I don't remember verbally abusing her and that's because when my alters came out I lost time.  I apologized to her and made it clear if she were that angry at me I had to believe her.  

I don't know exactly how you were affected by your mother's DID because you don't really say, but being in therapy is a good thing. 

I wish you luck in coming to terms with your issues.  From where I stand and my experience with my own daughter you must have issues you need to resolve.

Mary G.