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Dear Jill5by5:

Here are some web sites to peruse for ideas. I heard of someone who bought baby clothes wholesale and sold retail through her (own) web site. There are lots of sales ideas like that. But you have to do the marketing yourself and generate business. Apparently possible for those with lots of energy!

Working Moms At Home (Ideas... this web site has been around for a long time. Lots of ideas and articles. They advise caution when replying to a job ad).

Forms To Start A Pet-Sitting Service (Just one idea. Not for everyone. A 14-year-old in my family said she had "plenty of money." Now who knows what "plenty" is at fourteen, but she is frugal and responsible. When I asked her how she was earning the money she said, "Pet-sitting." You have to love pets and be okay dealing with people, too. Must be reliable and flexible. I did pet-sitting for a neighbor last year, and loved it. He had odd shifts, and had a breed of dog that didn't do well alone and needed to "be with someone" for comfort. I was making $20 per hour. The neat part: the dog came to my house and stayed as long as necessary! I earned the $- I gave the dog undivided attention and care. Actually, even though I have moved, I still get to visit the dog! I'm not sure, though, that I would like travelling to folks' houses. But that's probably necessary if one is going to make a business out of it.)


My advice in answering job ads: Be cautious in contacting people (protect yourself- getting paid through PayPal is one safety tip). I've read some really bad (warranted or not) reviews of some of the freelance sites. Check out a company thoroughly (watch for scams- Google the company, check with the Better Business Bureau). Don't give money to start up. Elance is supposed to be pretty good, but research your sites.

Hope this helps.




It is hard to find a way to work at home. I am a environmental consultant and most of my work is done at home. It evolved. Perhaps now that it is on your mind you will find a way. All I can say is it is a hard thing to work out. Good Luck! I wish I had a practical answer.

Concerning the Fibromyalgia, Myofacial pain, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have a membership at a local hotel that allows me to use the pool. I swim with two other people who have similar issues. It is an incredible help. This is not a doing laps at any speed or anything. Some days it is little more than hanging out.

The heater broke and the pool was down for two weeks. When the four of us could swim again it was obvious how much it helped.

Just FYI.



Hello Jill5by5,

I have fibromyalgia and have had bouts of trigeminal neuralgia. I am still in the work place but am in the process of working on a plan to leave my current position. I used to work at this company (in office) and recently found out that they do have telecommute jobs. Here is the company There are some out there but hard to find. I have another one around here but can't seem to locate the webpage. I'll keep looking. It is a debt collection company and you set your hours and they route calls to you. One of us put it somewhere in the computer and it is lost. Hope this helps.


Hi Jill5by5

It wasn't sickness as much as child care that made me decide to work from home, beginning in the 1960s. My parents were both writers, so it was natural for me to try that -- especially since I married early and had no degree. I was fortunate in being married when I started on this path, so I had a means of support while I studied and learned on my own. I taught myself touch-typing on an old Underwood manual machine - devoured a zillion books on writing - and I've never looked back. I worked outside the home for about 18 months after my divorce in the mid '70s...but before and since I worked on my own. Even as a magazine editor in the '80s and '90s, I was an independent contractor and made my own schedule.

I am convinced that, for me, working on my own is essential for my mental health and stability. I love having the sense of "control" of my time and workplace. (I don't love having to scramble for paying jobs, tho.) Writing is not an easy path to big money--especially not today, when newspapers and magazines are slashing staff jobs. But learning to write well can be a tool to better work in the home and in outside offices, too. I really recommend enhancing those skills to make yourself more employable

Lynn W.