Send your responses to Abby's query about locating a trauma therapist in a rural area


Hi Abby,

Do you have insurance? They can give you names of the ones closest to you. Do you have a car? Salvation army and other charities have been known to give gas vouchers also maybe the therapist can hook you up on a car pool with another in your predicament. If you don't have a car, call Good Wheels if you have one in your area. Most locations have one of these services. If you qualify you can get door to door service for a dollar. If you don't which I doubt they may have other options. I have also known churches to help their members in situations like this. Check those out and see if any of those work for you.

I know what you mean by finding a good therapist. I can never find one either. Of course I am on medicaid which doesn't help to find a good one. Don't give up-- for where there's a will there's a way!

Good luck! -



Hi Abby,

I used to live in a situation like that. It can be difficult. I now live closer to things but one thing that my therapist will do with me is talk on the phone. Maybe you could visit the therapist and get to know him/her and see if they will talk on the phone with you at a set time, etc. and then meet face to face 1 every three months or so. Just an idea.



Hi Abby,
I too live in a rural area and know how difficult it can be to find the right therapist within driving distance. I was seeing a wonderful mind/body therapist for over 4 years who was about 30 miles from my house. Certainly this is no where near as difficult as your 2 hour drive but still challenging as I had to drive over a bridge that often gave me panic attacks. Yikes! I did a lot of dream-work with this therapist over the years, something which enabled me to do a tremendous amount of healing in a very short time. Although I still have nightmares on occasion, I find them much easier to work with now that I have the right tools. I know my former therapist also offers phone sessions and I even had several with him when I wasn't able to make it to a session because of weather or illness. Perhaps there are some therapists in your area who would be willing to do phone sessions with you or, if you'd like, you can contact me through Lynn at Many Voices and perhaps I could give you this therapist's contact info.

One suggestion while you're searching for the right therapist is to start recording your nightmares and dreams in a dream journal. This is something I've been doing for many years and which continues to be extremely helpful to me. Whatever route you decide to take, Abby, I wish you all the best in your search and in gathering all the tools you need to continue your healing.