Dear Wend:

We hear you. There are no groups in our area either. However, we have made friends with a few other multis nearby with mixed results. One thing that we learned the hard way is that it's ok to have the same therapist IF you can leave your therapist out of the conversations. Comparing therapist notes in any way is a recipe for disaster, even if you have different therapists, (lils can get hurt feelings very easily). However, knowing who your friend's therapist is can be very handy in case of unexpected "meltdowns". The main thing we found about having another multi as a friend is that it is really important to be flexible with each other. We may be "best buddies" for two weeks and then not get together again for a year. However, the connections we have to each other is just plain awesome! Also, it would have been very, very difficult for us to have grown, healed and survived as well as we have without our online D.I.D. "home". There are many sites out there with forums, chat rooms and unlimited support. Some of them are small and membership is required, others are really large and it can be easy to get lost. We highly recommend trying to find one that "fits" for you. Hope this has helped.

Peace, Joyce