Send Your Replies to K.


Dear K.

Several MV readers have written to the newsletter in the past, mentioning their "twin" parts, or dual-alters. I hope some of them will respond to your question! Come on, Gang! Please share your stories of multiples-in-multiples!

Lynn W.


Hi K.

I'm not a twin, but many times when new personalities were created, another one was created along with them. For instance, if a male personality was created, a female personality would be created, too. And the other way around. Or sometimes three or four personalities were created at a time. Also, there were times when only fragments of personalities were created, to relieve the pressure of any given situation. Then when the immediate need was gone, the personality was no longer needed. I definitely understand what you're saying.

Debbie E.


Dear K,

I am not a twin or triplet but I have multiple groups of parts that have been organized to help one another with different aspects of the abuse.  I have had groups of threes, fives, and sevens depending on their function as a group.  Not to scare you, I have been working with my parts for over 18 years now.  Because I have this kind of internal structure does not mean that you will also.  Listen to you own truth.

 There is a book called "Internal Family System" written by a Marriage and Family Therapist Richard Schwartz.  He wrote this for therapist dealing with anyone.  He believe that we all have multiple minds.  He doesn't necessarily discuss DID. It's been a long time since I've read his book, but he talks about how different parts organize to meet our needs (singles too).  The local library might be able to get the book for you or he has a website, I believe.  
Best to you in your recovery.