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I never really knew where my family origins stemmed from. So that was neither a plus nor a minus. But what has been of help has been that in growing up I was always outside. I went to camp in the summers and learned a lot about nature. As I got older I became interested in Native American culture and practices.
I find the connection to nature very healing. We all come from Mother Earth who provides us with food, shelter, an clothing, and even medicines. Mother nature will be fairly predictable. Living things, plants and animals behave in a certain way true to their nature. Unlike humans as we have found. The weather that comes from Father Sky is not exactly predictable but you can read the weather to a degree, we just don't get a lot of warning sometimes. The idea that all things are related is a good idea and if everybody would behave accordingly we wouldn't have a lot of the problems our society has today.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, what ever you wish to call it, has the ability to heal us. If you want to feel grounded ?- go lay down on the ground. Want to feel connected? - go hug a tree, pet a dog or cat. Want to feel worth something? - take care of pets or plants or even the bird in the park or back yard. They are nonjudgmental and don't think you are any weirder than anybody else. They all have lessons to teach us. All we need to do is look and listen and learn.

This has been my .....religion of sort. Not my culture or family of origin but I can be whoever and whatever I want. You can be whoever you want to be, you can change whatever you want. You are in control. You are not trapped into behaving like any certain nationality or group. Throw out the stereotypes. But if you are happy with your heritage than go with it! If not different. You can be more than the sum of your parts.



Dear Alpha,

My experience is that my culture, family and faith were all part of my demise. So I draw no strength from that. I'm grateful I dissociated. Once I got into the 12-step programs, I found the program of action that turned my life around. It is in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. As as result, and with outside help, I discovered that I had DID. I've been on the healing journey now for 10 years. I did not know that life could be so good. Acceptance of what was is key for me. Then I needed to develop open-mindedness, honesty and willingness to proceed with my healing. Instead of wanting to end life, I enjoy life and look forward to the life hereafter (and that is a miracle)!



Hi Alpha,

I feel my Irish heritage has given me strength.  My father was a professional and I grew up very well off, but my father never forgot where he came from.  I was reminded during hard times that my Irish blood would see me through.  I believe my Irish strength brings me through severe pain issues I have today.  I never give up no matter how bad it gets.
My husband lost his job last year and we lived well.  So far I have been able to adapt myself to our new life.  My husband is 62 and I'm much younger.  It is his age that has kept him from getting a job.  He never had the cultural background I had nor given the strength to stay strong through hard times.
So yes, I believe culture and heritage play a strong role in our lives.
What an interesting question.  I never gave it much thought until today.
Mary G.


I used to be a runner and read that a coach was asked what the best way to breathe was and they replied "through your ears if you can." He then went on to explain that different people can get oxygen best in different ways and each needed to learn the best way for them.

I do not have a strong cultural heritage. My family and extended family naturally dissociate. Family reunions should be videoed and the rights sold. I think how my family sees personal relationships is very important. I get to choose what's right for me. Knowing that when I choose differently it may not be welcomed.

We all do some of the same things. Most of us golf. Eating is a big part of family gathering. I go with the idea that it is more important how I do things than what I do.

If there is strength in your cultural heritage go for it. Get as much oxygen as you can.