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Hi Wendy.

I have been having some good things in my life lately. After going through the final integrations last July, I slowly decided to start making friends. I hadn't had any good friends in years. So, I have been working on that. I shared about my MPD/DID and the integrations with people in my Celebrate Recovery group. They handled it so well, that it helped make me feel more comfortable around them. Which was amazing, since I'm never comfortable around anyone. I'm getting more people telling me they'd like to know more about my story and my healing. I'm slowly adjusting to life without the personalities. Life as just one person is definitely different. Other people manage it without a thought:) But, I am slowly navigating it. I've learned life can get better. I never believed that before, but it is true now, in my life.

Take care.
Debbie E.



Dear Wendy,

It is good to see others sharing good times.  We have all had our share of the harder ones.  My life now is peaceful and I share with others our hopes for brighter days.   I spend my days writing more now in ways of poetry and stories that have lessons in them.  I'm even going to start putting my poems to music again.  That's something I haven't been inspired to do for a long time.  I have learned to keep it very simple in my life and that helps keep me centered most days. 

I have gone back to one on one after all these years of my groups.  My little online office now at is what I call jokingly "live from New York" where I live on a horse farm.  A place where for the first time in my life I'm not afraid to walk out of the house.  I can even walk the long driveway to the mail box.  Life is good! 

I've had and been in online groups for many years now.  Many Voices press was the first site I came across when I first came online and it inspired me to have my own group and web site all these years.  Most of us have healed and do more of the living in our lives now yet I still remain open for those who come in search of answers as this site offers.

I love seeing people write now more about living their lives even though I miss not hearing from them as much as I use to, It's a wonderful thing to witness them go from the lonely place they were to being out there living in all the sunshine they can find.

Thank you for prompting others to search for some good in their lives.  It's hard to see it some days yet it's there the same.  Lady J


Dear Wendy,

I'm new to Many Voices, just saw your post looking for happy news and had to reply.  In the summer of 2005 I had a nervous breakdown or a "psycho-spiritual crisis" so to speak, which culminated with a brief stay in a psych hospital.  Long story short, I truly believed my life was over, that I'd never be a mother to my beautiful sons but instead would spend the rest of my life in an institition, I was that far gone. 

With some incredible faith that must have still been alive inside of me, after coming home I started going to therapy every week, went to talk therapy and movement therapy, hypno therapy, massage therapy.  You name it. 

Not wanting to bore you with the details, today, I'm am really healing!  I got up the courage to throw my husband out (almost a year ago), and am currently studying to become a certified hypnotherapist.  My hope is to also get my master's degree so that I can work with women who have suffered  trauma similar to ours and do whatever I can to help.  Never in a million years would I have believed that I would be able to eat and enjoy food, that I would be sleeping through the night and watching my sons perform in the plays they so love to do.  I only wish I could speak to the people I met in the hospital to tell them that yes, you can heal, you can have hopes and dreams and make them come true.  It's a lot of work but definitely more than worth it.  My hopes are that you too, Wendy, have some happy news of your own to share.

Blessings to all,



Dear Wendy,

The best news I've got is that I'm finally going on walks EVERY DAY to get my weight down. I can't tell you how good it feels. For once, every part of me understands that exercise is a good thing, and we're going to do it no matter what.

I have a job where I sit behind a computer much of the time, and it's easy to be a couch potato at night, so I get up early and walk before I go to work. Sometimes, if I get home early enough, I walk after work too. And this week, I started walking a few blocks at lunchtime. I'm also going to get a pedometer, to count steps. 5,000 steps a day is a sedentary lifestyle. 10,000 steps daily is a healthy, active lifestyle. I'm going to try to push into the 8,000-10,000 steps range.

I haven't seen a huge change on the scales yet, but I don't care. The change is INSIDE. And spring is coming. That's what makes me happy.

I hope other people answer here too. I love good news!



Dear Wendy, Bonnie, Lynn & Everyone,

I am not having a good time right now, but I’ll be damned if I will not think of something good that is happened to me lately.  I am trying to take all my negative thoughts captive and cast them down.  I’m a new creation, God damn every foul spirit, and every foul imagining of mine is going to be transformed and renewed one cement block at a time because my life depends on it.  And I want to get out there and walk every day too.  Thanks for that encouragement.


I have no excuse now.  My cat Houdini is walking very well on a leash and he’s miserable inside and so am I and I have a pedometer.


So here’s my good news:  My phone went down for 2 weeks because I changed servers and went broadband and the whole thing never ever worked, and the whole computer business of configuring 3 different routers was way over my head.  My girlfriend finally resolved the whole problem for me got the phone company in 2 days when it was going to take ten, got me a great number with three 5’s in it…five is the number for grace and all that stress was just lifted off me.  My girlfriend is just a beautiful gem.


Have a great day!