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Hi Michael and little ones,

I have a wonderful friend that my little ones trust now who calls me and I become very quiet with my eyes closed and let her tell them to put on their jammies and go to bed. Then it takes about 30 - 45 minutes to get them to bed. Mine sleep with an angel.

Depending upon the age of your little ones they usually are tired, but remember they are children and have to be taught. So I gently tell them that if they want to have a life and see the therapist they have to let me get sleep. Over time they learn. That does not mean that every time they listen, but they are getting better. Then I have time to myself. I also watch things on tv that they are not interested in and they go to bed.

Good luck! I know the battle...




Michael and Crew,  

One of the things that helps me at times is to take my parts to the safe place I created for them and put them to bed.  They all have beds there.  If one is too wound up, I let them journal, or talk things out with me.  I sometimes remind them that I have to work the next day and need my sleep in order to pay the bills.  I have some manager parts that are very concerned that I keep my job and finances coming in.  I also remind them that we are safe, I have them look around my residence so they know that it is our safe place.  It all depends on the part and what is going on. 

Hope this can be of help. 



Hi Michael & Crew!

I'm a great advocate of the 'bedtime routine' approach, tho lately I've had trouble sleeping ! (too much going on.) I try to go to bed at about the same time each night. I take long, hot bubble baths (for me, that's very relaxing) - and I usually read a little bit before I sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I try drinking warm milk with a little honey in it, or sometimes herbal tea with chamomile in it (tho that occasionally makes me feel drugged,so I drink only a half-cup.) Other times, especially if parts-of-me are feeling very awake, I dig out my journal & let them say what's on their minds. Usually after an hour or so, they're ready to sleep too.  Other things I do- listen to meditation CDs, or gentle music on CD,while lying in bed.

I hope other people share their good ideas too. You're not the only one who could use some help with this!