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Dear Kathy,

Being the "driver" of the bus is a major priority for me as the "children" don't know how, grounding myself daily as well as talking to myselves daily, hourly, whenever necessary is a major responsibility for all of us. It is imperative that I confer with my children and explain that they may all go along wherever we are going but only the adults who know how to drive can drive. The others may watch, only. I am sorry you have had such a tough time and maybe after some physical examinations to rule out any other cause to the crashing, will help, too, and possibly if there is a physical explanation, you will be able to cure the problem (physical) and retrieve the license......sounds simple, it isn't and when you are supposed to be driving, I sincerely believe, you will. In the meantime think of your Higher Power protecting you and your little ones by keeping you out of harms way and keeping your license at arms length. Have faith that nothing ever happens by mistake - Feel well, be well, keep your chin up nothing is forever and for the moment, we can all get through that......




Dear Kathy,

I had a problem driving about a year ago. I had three accidents in about 9 months. I unfortunately totalled my car in what I thought was a minor fender bender. I dropped the top to the bottle of coke I was drinking and one of my littles leaned over to pick it up for me. I woke up to the rear end of the truck in front of me. My psychiatrist and I made a deal with all my parts that only ones that were of legal age could drive and then only if the saw the defensive driving video. Checking in before we go anywhere as well as having a radar detector helps tremendously. Most people wouldn't understand or believe that we use a radar detector to keep us alert, but we do. It's always going off for something or other and it helps us pay attention to the task at hand. I wonder if the court would give you a restricted license for daytime only? I try to drive when there is no traffic - after rush hour in the am and before in the pm. My doc told me that she is supposed to report people who can't drive b/c of meds, so I wonder if your doc can say you are OK to drive?