Send Your Replies to Anon2, who would like to hear about your first experience of 'switching'.


Gee, Anon2,

This is hard for me to all happened so long ago! Once when I was still a kid I had 'bad thoughts' and threw myself over the end of the bed to stop the 'badness'. I'm sure that was a switch, because I was 'chasing away' a certain part of myself.

I'm sure I was 'switching' when I'd walk through berry bushes and never feel the scratches until later. And as an adult I had one very scary 'switch' when a guy I thought of as a 'date' turned out to be a no-goodnik. I even called the cops on him, afterwards...because I actually became 'two people' at once (very scary & unusual for me). & I did NOT like what he did. So I switched long before therapy. IN therapy, I don't remember switching a lot (though I probably did) because I was so on-guard and not trusting anyone. Including (often) my own quite-experienced, quite nice therapist.

I'm curious about what others will say, too.

Lynn W.