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Hi Ellen,

After I was diagnosed, my therapist suggested I buy my little ones inside some teddy bears, toys, and even a pacifier to use.

I've got to admit, it seemed unusual, but I gave it a try. And much to my surprise, it all worked. There's not many people I would admit about the pacifier to, but once I got over the awkwardness of it, it worked at night as I tried going to sleep. The little ones do need nurtured. If one of my little ones wanted an icecream cone, I'd buy them one. If they wanted to take a nap as an escape, I let that happen. I let them have fun when they felt like it. I helped them when they were afraid and crying. I think nurturing my little ones helped tremendously. Nurture all you can.

Take care.
Debbie E.


Dear Ellen

My wife has DID and her littles needed time out to be littles.  They come
out to watch a Disney movie or some other program for their age group.  We
also have purchased stuffed animals and baby dolls for them to hold or
sometimes sleep with.  They have to be reminded that they are good and they
are loved and they are safe now.  She is just now getting to the point where
her older alters care and compliment her littles more than I do. 

When we get hamburgers I will alert the littles it is hamburger time or that
we are going to get a snow cone or an ice cream cone, all things they need
as children.

Hope this helps

Take care


Dear Ellen,

I believe you came to the right place.  Whenever I feel lonely, angry, anxious, depressed, etc, I come to this site. Lynn W. does a terrific job with the newsletters and reading them makes me feel not so alone. 

There are different ways to treat DID, as I am learning.  It will depend on how your therapist deals with their method of treatment.  Some therapists like to treat each part separately and some therapists treat the clients as a whole, since they are such.  Though your mind is split with these different parts, you still have only one mind.  My therapist believes treating each part only helps the client feel better, not get better.  Regardless, I still sometimes sleep with a soft, fuzzy bear. 
Sometimes I go to the playground and swing.  There is nothing which says you cannot swing.  It makes you feel better and the side benefit is getting exercise.  I, too, did not know how to deal with my inner children.  I have one which screams so loud, she wakes me during the night and I cannot go back to sleep.  I have another that runs and runs and runs.  I get so tired and I didn't do anything, but she did.  My therapist said I need to learn to love myself.  I tell him I first need to learn about myself.  I find it difficult to love someone you don't really know.  Very slowly I am accomplishing this task.  (going at
turtle pace)  I will get there eventually.  I also needed learning to slow down.  I have so much going on in my life at this time, slowing down seems impossible, but I still try.

As for your child part and being new to this, keep posted to this site and subscribe to the newsletter which is full of stories and ideas.  Do not be afraid to sleep with a stuffed animal or a doll.  Do what makes your child part happy.  You will be glad you did, and so will she.

Take Care,


Hello Ellen,

I have one suggestion that I would like to pass on to you that has worked very well for my "Littles".
I have three small dolls.  I selected each one because they resembled in some way how I viewed my most
dominant Alters (alternative personalities).   I talked to them, held them and comforted them whenever I felt
they needed attention.

It worked for me.
My best to all of you.