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Hi Jane,

Wow I think it's great you want to start a group for people with D.I.D.
We wish we were so brave! We do have an idea for you though.

There's a place on-line called Meetup.Com. Anyone can start a group there., I mean they check you out and all but, we found Meetup.Com thru a friend on-line and went there looking for a D.I.D. Support group. They didn't have one when we first looked, so we went on a waiting list. Then when someone decided to start a group, we were informed that a group was starting. The group leader has the right to ask questions about the people who join to make sure no bad apples get into the group. But so far our meetings have been great! You'd think we have been friends for years and we've only known each other for a few months.

As for our group leader, she has D.I.D. herself. We found that in the beginning it was a little hectic, because we all had so much to say that everyone was carrying on their own conversation, so we would have 4 or 5 conversations going on at the same time. Then some of us would start switching, so our leader decided that since she knew nothing about leading a group, she would look for a therapist that she could consult with. She found one who knew stuff about D.I.D. And we all met with this therapist to get ideas on how to run a group and how to improve our group.

Now what we do is for the first part of our Meetup is talk about something educational about D.I.D.. For example, if we all wanted info on internal communication, our group leader would pick that topic. All of us research during the week and then when we meet on Saturday we all bring our info together and talk about it. The second half of the meeting we do something fun. But a group for D.I.D. people definitely needs structure! Or else it's very hectic and you have a lot of switching going on!

Good luck,

Ann Marie



  Years ago i started a support group for people who had MPD/DID.
  We had our meetings at the library. This was a safe place and this way i didn't have to charge people to attend
because it didn't cost me to have our meetings there.
  Some of the guidelines i had were....
    Had to be in Therapy and be referred by a therapist or a doctor.
    Everything that was said in the group was confidential.
    I didn't share anyone's personal info with anyone.
    This was a support group and not a therapy group.
    No self harm talk was allowed.
   You had to be in therapy and if you stopped , you had to stop the group.

This group ran for 5 years until I had to stop because of medical problems of my own.  No one really ran the group.  I provided the place to meet and was a contact person.  Hope this helps. 
I know I have forgotten something to tell you...  Good luck!



I started and facilitated a self-help support group for multiples from 1996 until 2004.  The most we ever had
at a meeting was 11, though that is one too many.

I advertised in the newspapers and the free newspapers here in New Jersey, USA.  I said that a support group for women with DID was forming and for interested parties to contact me and I gave a phone number. 

The group was very successful and we had hospitals and therpists referring patients.  If you are interested in talking with me more
you can email me by contacting Lynn at Many Voices and asking her to forward your message.

I can certainly give you some help as I led 2 different workshops at conferences on starting such groups. 
Please reference DID support in the subject line. Good luck,



Hi Jane

I would start out by asking your therapist what she/he suggests, and talk this out carefully before you start. Then if it still seems like a good idea, maybe your therapist could tell his/her professional friends what you want to do and why. They could tell selected clients. You probably don't want to open the door of your group to just anyone who dissociates, without some advance screening...especially since you aren't planning to have a therapist present. You'll probably want to set limits on topics. There's a lot involved in creating a safe environment, I think

Good luck!