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When something happens to me/we that confuses or distresses me like that, what i do is ask everybody inside if they know what's going on. And then I ask that the people who can hear me would relay the question to the ones who can't hear me. I find that sometimes asking out loud helps. I explain how this is hurtful to me and then I make a point of saying that everyone inside is valuable and though I don't like what they're saying they still matter and ask if we can talk about it without mean words. I'm putting together different experiences in one example to save space. Anyhow this has worked for me, but definitely not all the time.I hope this helps some.

Mary et al


Hi Daisy

Journaling sounds like a great idea. You could even leave the paper and writing stuff by your bed for anything you might want to write down during the night. Maybe you could go to sleep listening to some positive messages that you want to give yourself. I had a professor in college that said it was ok to sleep in class but to make sure we slept on the book as he was a firm believer in osmosis. Ha Ha. But who knows what will work.



Dear Daisy,
Journaling is a great thing to do.  Be open and honest as it is yours and no one will see it but you.  It's a shame you had to leave therapy.  If you had the same therapist all those years perhaps she/he will work with you on a sliding scale. 
Your issues sound as though you need to talk to a therapist.  I'm incorporated 5 years and there are still times I need to talk to my therapist.  I had to learn to live without my others handling things for me.  I am disabled and my therapist and I do phone sessions at a discounted rate.  My insurance won't pay for this.  I don't talk to her every week, but as I read the response before me I still at times need some place to go and feel I can share.
Good Luck Daisy,
Mary G.


Dear Daisy,

I am sorry you are having this problem.  I know it must be difficult for you, feeling as though you have made such progress.  I have been 
working on recovery for about as long as you.  The thing I am learning  is that no matter how good I get a living a "normal" life, there is so 
much more to uncover that I didn't know about.  People (doctors) tell me that there must be an end.  I am not sure.  If you absolutely 
cannot afford to have a therapist, then the next best thing is keeping  a journal or doing some sort of artwork where all parts of you can 
freely express themselves.   I have found that you really can use a journal (writing and art) as a good therapist.  I mean let's face 
it... a really good therapist is not that easy to find.  More often  than not you get a mediocre therapist.   But I can promise you that if 
you do the journal well, you've got yourself a good therapist!   Be  open to letting all of you express.  You will find some answers.  I am 
fanatic now with journalling.  I keep an electronic one (so I can type  a lot of words real fast) and a regular one (where I can write in big 
or small letters or draw things).  I also suggest you keep it by your  bed so you can make entries in the middle of the night when these 
voices wake you.  Seems as though you already know what this is  about.  I wish you luck.

Paul T.



Dear Daisy--
I would definitely be getting out the journal to understand these demeaning voices- if not contacting a therapist for a tune-up.
Personally, tho I'm not in therapy "full time" I do stay in touch with a therapist I like, and when something serious comes up, I go back for a few sessions.
Like you, I can't afford to go into every nook & cranny of my problems with a professional. But it really helps for me to have someone I respect to answer questions or get me through the really difficult times, when journalling can't relieve the distress.
Good luck.