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I have been a subscriber to MV for five years and I can't wait for each issue to arrive in my mailbox! I read each issue cover to cover, a couple times over, and I love to discuss what I read in MV with my psychiatrist! MV humor helps heal my heart, personal perspectives are deeply validating,a nd knowing I am not alone helps me to feel more loveable and accepting of myselves. MV has enriched my life, given me the opportunity to contribute to others through writing and art, and makes me feel like living life and continuing to heal when times are tough. I feel so supported. Thank Heaven for MV (and a heartfelt Thank You, Lynn).



Lynn, I am so excited tonight. After Many Voices has been my link to "sanity" in my reality of MPD/DID since being diagnosed in 1993, I now have the computer. How could I thank you and all the writers who have contributed to something that is so wonderful-wonderful because having no one other than a therapist to talk to once a week for an hour, I can relate...I also contributed over the years and the excitement "we" all felt seeing our work accepted and not lost or ignored. Thank you from all of us.



Congratulations on making the website a reality. Many Voices has been invaluable to me for many years as I work through the various stages of therapy. The contributors have shown great courage and have shared much important information. I am deeply grateful to you, and to them all.

Paula Hurwitz

Hi Many Voices:

Need you all who do this paper, books...need to let you know everytime and I mean everytime we feel like no one to turn to...there you are. With all your gifts of words for allof us to keep the faith, to keep up, or even a moment of knowing someday we will be ok. We have been and still is homeless in Minn.,. We need to know-how do you know when my Stuff is overwhelmed Stuff? But right now, right this sec: Us, We, I, want you to thank you for everything, for you, and everyone.

Sky and All.

Dear Many Voices Staff,

I have been receiving MV for the last few years and read it as soon as it arrives, from beginning to end. After that, I pass it on to my dear friend who is a survivor with D.I.D. MV is wonderful. It never fails to make me laugh and cry and to break my heart and give me joy in the victories of so many who have been wounded. I'm sure MV and those who contribute to it are an oasis of hope for many. Thank you for what you do. May God bless you more than ever before.


Wanted to let you know that MV is very, very validating and encouraging to "me". It is refreshing to read a positive journal about MPD/DD. Thank you.
Sincerely and Thankfully,

Dear Lynn,

Hello! Another year has gone by and so my renewal check is enclosed. It gives me a chance just to say a big Thank You for editing Many Voices once again. The newsletter has helped me so much the past two years, and I find myself using back issues as reference material as I get to different stages in my healing. It's made a huge difference. Thanks so much for all your time and effort.



I always look forward to getting the newest issue, I have found it the most helpful resource
for me (besides my therapist) and a validating experience.



I began subscribing to MV during the early 90's when I first began treatment for DID. Even though I now have integrated and my primary diagnosis/battle is depression, I continue to ready your publication to remind me to honor and respect those parts of me who helped me survive my abusive childhood. The themes of the art and writing I have contributed over the years vividly reflect the changes I have gone through during my healing and much credit goes to MV.
Thank you,


Dear Many Voices,

Thank you for your excellent work on behalf of so many survivors of abuse and trauma. My clients and myself have benefited so much from your Many Voices publication, which has maintained a most professional stance and is always of consistent high quality.

Myrna Gay Specktor, LCSW




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