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The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation
(formerly ISSD)

Drug Safety Info. Superior resource for info on medications, side effects,drug interactions. Keep medication safe! For professionals and clients.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

David Baldwin's Trauma Information: Regular updates.

Dr. Grohol's PsychCentral

Dr. Colin Ross's Home Page

National Center for PTSD division of the Veterans' Administration.

Psychology Directory: (info for professionals and clients)

Volunteers in Psychotherapy Inc.: A nonprofit alternative to loss of client privacy and control under managed care.


California: Del Amo Hospital

California: Bridges To Recovery

Louisiana: The New Orleans Institute at Riveroaks

Maryland: The Trauma Disorders Program at Sheppard Pratt

Missouri: Two Rivers National Center for Trauma-based Disorders

Texas: Timberlawn Mental Health System

Email at or email for information about other facilities we may know about in your area.



New Landscape: For Manhattan and New Jersey Survivors.

Lady Jz's support website for dissociation and addiction: Lady Jz Talk Zone

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: RAINN
(also features toll free 24-hr hotline at (800) 656-HOPE)

Mental Health Matters

Survivor website Mosaic Minds

Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (ASCA)

Astraea's Unorthodox Multiple Personality Resources:(not mainstream)

Eating Disorder Info at Something Fishy

Menstuff Support for male survivors and everything male.

Self Injury

SIARI (Self-Injury--UK)

Survivors of Incest Anonymous Inc.

Incest Survivors Anonymous (ISA)

An Infinite Mind



S.M.A.R.T. (Survivors of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse)

FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network)




JoEllen Smith, a survivor artist, now features her inspirational art prints at her special website.
Leave a comment so she'll know you visited! This is a illustrated "web novel" about a man who is coping with incest and post traumatic stress. It is prepared by a psychotherapist/yoga teacher who shares his experiences in the interest of helping others. Bob has expanded his story into a comprehensive 'story' site called Take a look!

Art Therapy Blog: Indepth information on how and why to use art for healing.



Sidran Press (buy books about trauma & DID)

Stern's Books (mental health)



Find a therapist/member of ISST& D here (Currently under construction)

Find Therapists:

Also: Find a Therapist link at Psychology Today

A new Canadian therapy option:

A United Kingdom resource:Help to Heal , provides database of accredited counselors in UK, plus additional information & resources. Check it out!



One Voice: Information about legislation and lawsuits: email

Sexual Abuse law information


A United Kingdom resource:Help to Heal ,
provides database of accredited counselors in UK, plus additional information & resources. Check it out!

Japan's Newsletter for people who dissociate -- The Flock.(Sometimes they translate MV articles into Japanese! -- with permission, of course. Isn't that cool? & you can order Flock's anniversary booklet or subscriptions with Paypal!)



Ligia recommends these sites:
For breathwork:
and also:
For near death experiences:


ChemoAngels - a program for people receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Be an angel or a "buddy"(receiving the small gifts or cards). It's a blessing either way.

The Institute of HeartMath provides info on stress relief & biofeedback.

Possibly save $ on medications. Please check costs carefully to make sure you benefit.
How To Get Free Meds:

Learn how to clean up your messy house/apt.:
Financial Information (These links excerpted from the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Chicago's Financial Website Directory. Call them at (888) 527-DEBT and maybe you can get a copy. )
: sponsored by American Bar Association for safe online shopping.
- more on saving money/improving your life - info on rates & more
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